Mindset Pharma is a psychedelic-based drug discovery business creating novel, patent-pending psychedelic compounds for treatment-resistant neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Psychedelic drugs have demonstrated that they are effective in treating nearly every mental health indication including depression, anxiety, addiction, and PTSD.

It is evident that existing treatments are not working well enough

and new innovative solutions are needed.

1 in 4 people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders in their life, placing them as a leading cause of ill-health and disability worldwide

20% of adults in the US have been diagnosed with depression as of 2017

37.1 million US adults received mental health treatment in 2018

It is estimated that 4.9% of the world's adult population (240 million people) suffer from alcohol use disorder and 22.5% of adults in the world (1  billion people) smoke tobacco products

The Opioid crisis is estimated to cost the US economy over $500 billion a year

Get in the Mindset

  • Researchers and regulators forming a favorable consensus around the efficacy of psychedelics at treating neurological and psychiatric conditions


  • Clinical trials are progressing and it is likely that psychedelics will be approved for medical use in the near future


  • Most well-known psychedelics are in the public domain and cannot be patented


  • Mindset is applying innovative medicinal chemistry to create a pipeline of new, patentable, psychedelic drug candidates with improved efficacy and reduced toxicity and has recently filed it’s first 2 provisional patent applications


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